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Vision & mission


Doctors save lives by constructing a healthy life, designers save lives by constructing a life worth living.”

– Mark W Perrett, architectural designer

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Our vision is to combine passion and purpose so that we can design a better world for today and future generations.


Engage. Inspire. Ignite. We bring people together to tap into ideas from various industries and disciplines to challenge conventional thinking. We create an ecosystem that enables people and businesses to grow and co-create inspiring, authentic and relevant solutions.



We take pride in diversity, we seek new ideas, opinions and points of view.



We make time for creativity and take time to find solutions – real creativity comes through having an open mind and pushing the limits of how we think.



We believe that a relentless spirit and positive mind set are great enablers. We are all passionate, focused on the end result and we know how to celebrate success.



We are honest and sincere in our communications approach to others – we have the confidence to tell the truth and approach difficult situations.

Dubai Design District® is a member of TECOM Group.