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d3’s programme of events offers a platform that facilitates interaction, learning, and engagement with the regional and global design community.

Express yourself in 30x30 image

Express yourself in 30x30

Sun to Thu: 10am - 7pm, 1st Floor, Building 5

Citizen E gallery presents a group exhibition curated by Sumayyah Al Suwaidi that showcases all forms of creative expression. The only criteria is that the work submitted can be hung and measures 30cms x 30cms.

Modern Masters image

Modern Masters

Sat to Thu: 11am - 7pm, Ground Floor, Building 6

AR Gallery’s inaugural exhibition celebrates five years of Downtown Design with a selection of unique furniture curated by Fair Director, Rue Kothari. Brands represented have all exhibited at the fair, and the pieces showcase their individual craft, skill and aesthetic vision.

Sculpting Signs Workshop image

Sculpting Signs Workshop

12.30pm to 1.30pm & 2pm to 3pm, Building 3

Children of any age learn the basic techniques and delicate processes behind sculpting and life casting with clay at this free workshop from community arts centre thejamjar. They will trace their hand in air-dried clay, and use tools to form a word in sign language. Click here to book.

Modern Calligraphy image

Modern Calligraphy

10am to 1pm, Building 5

Sharjah Art Foundation hosts this free workshop for anyone aged 15 and over. After some simple warm-up exercises, participants will learn the art of drawing modern calligraphy letters and creating a composition with a well-conceived layout. Email here to confirm your place.

Architectural Sketching image

Architectural Sketching

4pm to 6pm, Building 5

This free workshop hosted by Sharjah Art Foundation is designed for children aged between 7 and 15. After studying d3’s architecture, the instructor will teach them the basics of sketching and perspective drawing. Email here to confirm your place.

Mystic Cove image

Mystic Cove

Sat - Thu: 10am to 7pm, Fri 3pm to 8pm, Building 2

Art Hub’s group exhibition explores hopes, dreams, joy and serenity. The vibrant paintings by artists settled in the UAE but originally from Algeria, Canada, India, Pakistan and Syria depict human emotions and inner sentiments intertwined with technology.

FFWD Fashion Shows image

FFWD Fashion Shows

d3 Waterfront

Asya Krasnaya, Amato and Arwa Al Banawi are just three of the 25 emerging and established designers who will be presenting couture and ready-to-wear catwalk shows in three separate halls in d3 over three days. Click here for more details.

FFWD d3 Fashion Talks image

FFWD - d3 Fashion Talks

Attend nine inspiring seminars and discussion panels hosted by leaders and academics from the global fashion business to discover the issues and ideas that will shape the future of the industry. Click here for more details.

FFWD The Garden image

FFWD - The Garden

Accessories and jewellery are often as important as a frock or ensemble when you’re putting together a look. Take your pick from 45 of the region’s top jewellery and accessory designers and retailers at FFWD’s pop-up pavilion, The Garden. here for more details.

Artistic Expression with Wool Yarn and Fabric image

Artistic Expression with Wool Yarn and Fabric

4pm - 6pm, Building 5

This free workshop hosted by Sharjah Art Foundation is suitable for children of all abilities aged 7 and over. They will improve concentration and fine motor skills and learn new forms of artistic expression by ‘sketching’ with wool yarn, and then gluing the yarn and scraps of fabric to recycled bottles and coffee tins. Email here to confirm a place.