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Our values are what drive us, what inspire and motivate us: they guide everything we do and how we do it.


We are Open

We take pride in diversity, we seek new ideas, opinions and points of view. Design is, by definition, innovative – an open mind is crucial in the search for design innovation.


We are Creative

We make time for creativity and take time to find solutions – real creativity comes through having an open mind and pushing the limits of how we think. Challenging ourselves in this way gives rise to the unconventional, it turns obstacles in to opportunities and destroys negative thinking.


We are Determined

Creativity is immeasurable, success never guaranteed. But, we believe that a relentless spirit and positive mind set are great enablers. We are all passionate, focused on the end result and we know how to celebrate success. We never stop aiming.


We are Authentic

We are honest and sincere in our communications approach to others – we have the confidence to tell the truth and approach difficult situations. This means being transparent, truthful and managing expectations. It’s about being true to ourselves.

Dubai Design District® is a member of TECOM Group.