As part of d3’s ‘Design for Good’ initiative, we’ve embarked on a mission with Dubai Cares and The American Hardwood Export Council to create moving furniture designs that give back. We invited designers from across the UAE to create an inspiring piece of furniture.

Inspired by the unity of the Emirates through seven interlocking points, ‘The Reading Bench’ is designed and created by Sakina Kara-Sabur and Alicia Spoljar. This piece encourages thought, knowledge and harmony through sustainable hardwood design, while resembling the traditional Emirati dhow to combine history with modernity.

To make all 100 “Reading Benches”, it took 6.94 cubic meters of American tulipwood lumber. All the American tulipwood used to make the benches would take just 6.7 seconds to be replaced by natural growth in the American hardwood forest. Despite transporting tulipwood from the United States to the UAE for the manufacturing of the 100 ‘Reading Benches’, the timber is better than carbon neutral at point of delivery to the factory in Dubai. Total carbon emissions associated with transport and all steps to extract tulipwood logs, mill and kiln dry the timber is more than offset by carbon stored in the timber.

100 pieces of this limited edition series has been produced and are now available for purchase. All proceeds from the sale of the benches will go to Dubai Cares.

Bench price is AED 3,000.

To place an order, please contact:

Zainab Faraidooni
04 - 4504533