The Venturists by d3

d3 takes a look at the people and businesses that shape this creative neighbourhood.

Episode 12 - One Life Cafe

We have a secret ingredient that goes into all of our food, and that's love.
Necip Camcigil, Founder.

Episode 11 - Frame and Yui

We are the first Japanese concept in the Middle East and we attract a lot of artists and unique people who understand our culture.
Peter Ahn, Founder.

Episode 10 - Finasi

Design is everything - design starts with the way you dress, the way you think, the way you live.
Hisham A. Sultan, Partner.

Episode 9 - Molecule

Molecule is a place where creators meet and makers eat. Molecule is about bringing different things together to make something greater - collaboration is a key part of our DNA.
Shahryar Sheibani, Co-founder, Molecule.

Episode 8 - Chaps & Co

We decided to open in d3 as it has all the right design elements. People who work in and visit the district are our perfect target market clients.
Jordan Davies, Co-founder, Chaps & Co.

Episode 7 - Craft Cafe

I always compare d3 to a university. It’s like a community - it’s very close, everyone knows everyone. I love the place and I believe that in the next few years it will be one of the biggest destinations in Dubai.
Roberto Segura, Founder, Craft Cafe

Episode 6 - Montroi

We decided to set up at Dubai Design District because this is a place where East meets West.
Enrique Hormigo, Co-founder, Montroi.

Episode 5 - Chez Charles

We opened in d3 because I believe d3 is the future. We serve quality food, we serve authenticity. One team, one spirit.
Charles Boghos, Founder, Chez Charles.

Episode 4 - Espresso Lab

Our story started on 1st October 2017, and our story began on that day in d3.
Ibrahim Al Mallouhi, Founder.

Episode 3 - Nakkash

We don't consider this work. We're just fulfilling our dream.
Omar Nakkash, Partner.

Episode 2 - Closet Case

Closet Case is a concept that does not fit in a mall. It fits within a community, and the community will be at d3.
Bobby Chehrazi, Founder, Closet Case.

Episode 1 - The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse started as the search for the perfect gift. It didn't start as a restaurant
Hashem Montasser, Co-founder, The Lighthouse.